Fraud: Not just for criminals anymore


While out for a run I strained my sciatic nerve. Thankfully, my company provides a benefits plan. To help ease the pain, I visited Jimmy the Acupuncturist. Following my treatment, he asks if I have a benefit plan. After confirming that I have coverage, he poses a second question: “What would you like me to [...]

Fraud: Not just for criminals anymore2016-11-30T08:31:47-05:00

JONES DesLauriers Blevins partners with Maple Leaf Angels and MLA48


JONES DesLauriers Blevins (JDB) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Maple Leaf Angels Corporation (MLA) and MLA48, MLA’s angel investment fund. MLA, a network of experienced entrepreneurs and investors, offers coaching, mentorship, networking opportunities and access to capital for seed and early-stage technology companies in the information, communication and entertainment sector. MLA48 is [...]

JONES DesLauriers Blevins partners with Maple Leaf Angels and MLA482016-12-14T13:49:37-05:00

How Are Sponsors Reacting to the ORPP?


Many employers haven't yet figured out how they are going to respond. Some have indicated they will absorb the cost, some will make voluntary plans mandatory and waive waiting periods, while others have said they will eliminate or reduce other benefits to stay cost neutral and potentially hire fewer employees going forward. Others are looking [...]

How Are Sponsors Reacting to the ORPP?2015-12-23T11:05:43-05:00

ORPP – CPP Update


ORPP or CPP? On October 19, 2015, Canada elected a majority Liberal federal government. The Liberal Party indicated during the election campaign that it would be prepared to consult with the provinces about expanding the Canada Pension Plan (“CPP”). While the Ontario government has announced implementation details for the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (“ORPP”), it has [...]

ORPP – CPP Update2016-12-14T13:48:52-05:00

Support for Buddy Bench


In an effort to support our local community, this year JONES DesLauriers Blevins donated a portion of the funds donated by staff each week to “dress down” on Fridays to Buddy Bench. A member of our team with young children suggested the charity with the below reasoning, how could we not support this great local [...]

Support for Buddy Bench2015-12-21T11:04:40-05:00

ORPP Bill Passes Final Vote


On Wednesday, April 29th, the Ontario Legislature passed Bill 56: The Ontario Retirement Pension Act, 2015. The government is committed to establishing the ORPP (Ontario Retirement Pension Plan) by January 1, 2017. Once established, the ORPP will be the first of its kind in Canada, building on key features of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). [...]

ORPP Bill Passes Final Vote2015-07-08T14:24:09-04:00

Fact or fiction: people drive your profit, productivity and competitiveness.


Companies with the highest employee engagement have 3.9 times the Earnings Per Share (EPS) growth rate Disengaged employees have a 23% probability of turnover within 12 months, compared to less than 1% probability among highly engaged employees Disengaged employees cost their employers on average 46% of their salaries in lost productivity The average full-time Canadian worker [...]

Fact or fiction: people drive your profit, productivity and competitiveness.2014-07-08T09:24:45-04:00

It’s about cost, not about price.


Employee salaries and benefits total approximately 50% of overall operating expenses The Conference Board of Canada reports turnover costs of an unsatisfied employee leaving an organization to be 50% - 150% of the employee’s yearly salary One in three Canadian workers is seriously considering leaving their job Average workdays lost per full-time worker due to illness/ [...]

It’s about cost, not about price.2013-11-28T10:55:34-05:00
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