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As professional risk consultants we practice a strategic and purposeful approach to the development and implementation of a client’s risk management and insurance program.

Consulting Services


Staying ahead of the curve! As a strategic partner to our clients The JDB Group plays an essential role in ensuring that the necessary steps and protocols are in place to handle the periodic hurdles that all companies and HR groups will face. Whether dealing with escalating drug and disability claims, gathering powerful negotiating tools through the use of audits and actuarial services, or simply dealing with demanding employee issues, our role is to provide the necessary assistance. This assistance can be in the form of consultation, or as frequently happens, it can be outsourced to the trained professionals at JDB.

Many recent and long-term studies have shown that the implementation of a comprehensive work site health promotion program has had a direct impact and shown significant decreases in health care costs and utilization. Workplace wellness programs have also shown to be effective in lowering absenteeism rates, increasing employee productivity and improving employee morale. These programs generally focus on educating employees (especially those classified as "high-risk") toward a healthier lifestyle.

We work with you to develop a workplace wellness program design to address your specific needs: Assess current wellness situation and identify wellness gaps, create a detailed plan with measurable goals and assist in the implementation.
Escalating disability and absence costs and the resulting cost containment strategies are a focus for all organizations. The simple reality is that no organization can afford to absorb the escalating costs of workplace disability claims. Leading-edge companies are recognizing that it is imperative to act now to cut and control costs through effective new approaches to disability management.

Working with a Disability Manager, we strive for early intervention to ensure that appropriate, timely attention is given to each individual case. Elements of this approach may include contacting employee within 2 days of notification, home / phone visits, working with medical practitioners to develop modified / early return to work programs.
Our management, human resource, and training services are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, communication and employee morale while reducing employment related risks. We provide a wide variety of human resource services including HR outsourcing, performance management and policy development.
An integral component to the JDB Group’s consulting process is assisting our clients in negotiating benefits for their bargaining and non-bargaining units. Properly designed benefit plans that recognize the near-term and long-term costs of benefit delivery are essential to the cost containment process. We offer our clients an in-depth understanding of emerging trends in benefit plans and emerging cost drivers.
An HR audit will help to improve compliance and develop further infrastructure to support and grow the potential of the company's Human Capital. The audit will normally cover a broad range of HR management practices including staffing and hiring, benefits administration, compensation, termination policies, health and safety, etc.
Two critical components of an employee benefits plan are the underwriting and financing of the plan. Our experts will guide you through the complexities of today's underwriting and financing of benefits plans to ensure that it suits your needs. From immediate cash flow issues to long term risk management we work with you to make your programs fit your goals and objectives.

Risk management and risk acceptance are not always clearly defined in employee benefits plans. What portion of employee benefits risk is your organization currently accepting? What is appropriate for your group? With more than 30 years’ experience in underwriting and financing of employee benefits plans our experts will design programs that suit your needs for now - and in the future.
The ever-increasing complexity of employee benefits financing and underwriting often requires actuarial review and sign off. Our actuarial services will provide your group with the security and certainty of knowing that your plan was designed and reviewed by experts in the field of employee benefits.
An Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) is a professional counselling and referral service sponsored by the employer, providing service to their employees and their family members to assist them in resolving or coping with personal problems in a confidential and voluntary manner. By improving employees’ health and well-being, job performance with generally improve. Implementing an EAP program can result in cost savings for employers.

An Employee Assistance Plan generally provides services in the areas of crisis prevention (e.g. counselling services), outpatient services (e.g., assessment, diagnosis, information, education and ongoing treatment), and inpatient services (e.g. hospital care, home care) and self-help groups.

What our clients say

We have been using the services of JDB Group’s SBM team for over 12 years. They assisted in re-designing our benefits strategy, managed all contract negotiations and implemented the new program. In working with them it was evident that the team at SBM have a keen understanding of the need to balance competitive employee benefits and pension programs with cost effectiveness. We look forward to a continued relationship and partnership with them.

Gisèle Hébert – Executive Director

We are a not-for-profit, and so managing the balance between a compelling benefits package that will help attract and retain great talent and the control of the associated costs is key to our continued good work. For the past 3 years we have relied on the team at JDB to provide guidance as our plans change, and to lead the negotiations with the insurance carriers to ensure we arrive at a fair arrangement. They are a key contributor to our success!”

John Gerrard, CEO