Customized Benefit and Pension Plans

The Canadian Aboriginal Association Plan (CAAP) is an inclusive association employee benefit program for First Nation organizations across Canada, regardless of size. Shares do not need to be purchased and no annual membership fees, or additional administration fees, need to be paid. Employers have the flexibility to customize benefit plans for their needs and budget.

The many advantages of participating in the Canadian Aboriginal Association Plan!

Why consider CAAP for your Benefits Program?

Increasing benefit costs have been the result of escalating health care costs. With the continual de-listing of benefits and services from the First Nation and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) – Non-Insured Health Benefit (NIHB) program, and the general “capping” of provincial health care availability, there is a shift of responsibility to the individual aboriginal and non-aboriginal person.

How does CAAP differ from other Pension plans?

Meaningful pension plans are available, regardless of organization’s size.
  • Plan is an association structure, meaning organizations are members in a large group of similar employers.
  • Through this large Pension Plan association, CAAP can negotiate lower fees to operate the plan, keeping operating costs low.
  • There are no setup costs, no annual administration fee and no employee certificate fees.

For more information contact:

Band Member
Batchewana First Nation

Mark Morassutti
Senior Benefits and Retirement Consultant
T: 416-629-5757

Allan Haigh
Managing Director
T:  306-374-7382