A customized solution to your benefits needs

A well-designed benefits package is a key component of the corporate compensation package as it helps attract and retain quality people. An ideal benefits program will provide risk management combined with cost containment features that make best use of dollars being spent. Understanding the changing needs of our customers is vital. We want to ensure that you receive objective advice on taxation, legislation and industry trends to keep your benefit program simple and cost effective.

Consulting Services

  • Strategic needs evaluation and design of customized benefits programs
  • Execute market assessments and negotiate preferred rates
  • Risk mitigation
  • Innovative programs and policies that reduce costs and increase employee engagement
  • Full account management that includes regular claims experience reviews to ensure all parties are current with plan performance
  • On-going updates on legislative and market trends that may affect plan design or performance
  • Provide guidance and assistance on mergers or acquisitions and through any Collective Bargaining initiatives
  • Provide enhanced C-Suite plan options
Extended Healthcare helps employees and their dependents pay for necessary medical expenses that aren't covered by their provincial plan. Each plan can be customized to meet the specific requirements of organizations with a variety of options including Medical Services and Supplies, Two-Tier Drug Plans, Managed Formulary Drug Plans, Generic Drug Tiered Plans, Vision Coverage, Global Medical Assistance, Smoking Cessation programs and Cost Plus.
Dental Benefits help plan members pay for the cost of eligible dental procedures performed by a licensed dental professional. There are many coverage options available and your organization may specify coverage percentages and/or apply a fixed dollar amount per year for dental benefits.
Disability Coverage will help to ensure that plan members have a source of income should they become disabled and be unable to work while on or off the job for certain periods of time:
> Short-term Disability: replaces a portion of the plan member's salary for up to six months if he/she is unable to work due to illness or injury.
> Long-term Disability: replaces a portion of the plan member's salary for 2 years, 5 years, or up to age 65 if the member is unable to work due to illness or injury, depending on the insurer and the plan.
Group Life Insurance benefits play a significant role in providing financial support and peace of mind for employees and their families in the event of a tragic death. In addition to valuable financial protection, plan members can leverage their life insurance benefits for many items including funeral costs, income replacement, mortgage payments, children's education and probate fees.
International Pooling is a way for international companies to manage their various employee group benefit plans worldwide through one single pool, thus reducing the costs of the company's international benefits programs and providing greater financial control.
Critical Illness Insurance supports employees when they are faced with the high costs of serious, life-changing, long-term illnesses and medical conditions, providing them with the financial resources to maintain or make changes to their lifestyles.
Employers will enjoy the cost control that Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSA) offer. A set amount of money is allocated to each employee per year with no annual increases unless the employer decides to increase the amount at their own discretion. Employees enjoy the freedom to choose where to spend the money in their HCSAs instead of having a Group Plan with benefits that are not applicable to them.
Accidental Death and Dismemberment protects the employee and their family against the financial hardship that sudden death or dismemberment can cause. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance provides coverage 24 hours a day, whether the employee is on or off the job.
Flexible Benefit Plans are employer sponsored plans that give employees the opportunity to choose the type of benefit and level of coverage that best meet their needs. The employer gives each plan member a fixed number of credits. Plan members use their credits to purchase their benefits coverage allowing them to purchase only the benefits that they need at varying levels.
Expatriate Coverage provides an affordable solution for employees on short-term and long-term assignments out of the country. International and multinational employers can offer mobile employees and their families a complete line of benefits that are fully transportable from country to country.
Travel Insurance Programs offer plan members non-medical and medical assistance before they leave home and while they are out of the country.

What our clients say

The team at JDB has been a partner of Responsive Group for over 10 years. We rely on them to provide strategic guidance for the design of our benefit plans and to help us stay ahead of ongoing changes in the regulatory environment. Their Third-Party Administration team has good attention to detail and immediately responds to employee needs. We look forward to continuing the relationship.

Steve Gray – Executive Vice President, Finance

The team at JONES DesLauriers Blevins was able to set up a unique benefits plan that met the needs of our new business. Our plan focuses on employee retention, shared value and cost effectiveness, which is exactly what is needed for our restaurant.”

Austin Harrison, Operator, Yorkdale Mall