A Fair and Consistent Approach

Canadian Injury Management Services is a firm whose expertise is focused on Disability and Absence Management, and Workers Compensation challenges. They accomplish this by balancing a client’s insurance and legislative obligations while ensuring effective treatment programs are utilized either directly through the insurer, or with referrals supported by the treating agents managing the recovery.

Using advanced software, CIMS assists in the process of early and safe return to work followed by monitoring and mentoring of the parties. They are adept at policy writing, solving issues with disability related matters, arranging medical and functional testing, and providing human resources advice on what to do with the information.

Supported by a dedicated legal team

JDB Haddad is a professional legal services firm. They assist with legal aspects of all provincial workers compensation board appeals and tribunals, audits, assessments. They will review of claims to recover costs, change rate groupings, challenge claims, assist with policy writing, human rights reviews and a wide variety of employee issues.

The CIMS team will benchmark your current Disability Management program against best practices and help establish new procedures, measurements and communications to help staff be better prepared.

The success of CIMS is reflective of their ability to collaborate with Compensation Boards across Canada