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Robert understands and appreciates the value and energy each employee brings to a company. With this in mind, he can share these skills with our clients, to help develop benefit plans that match an organizations' corporate culture and philosophy.

Fact or fiction: people drive your profit, productivity and competitiveness.


Companies with the highest employee engagement have 3.9 times the Earnings Per Share (EPS) growth rate Disengaged employees have a 23% probability of turnover within 12 months, compared to less than 1% probability among highly engaged employees Disengaged employees cost their employers on average 46% of their salaries in lost productivity The average full-time Canadian worker [...]

Fact or fiction: people drive your profit, productivity and competitiveness.2014-07-08T09:24:45-04:00

It’s about cost, not about price.


Employee salaries and benefits total approximately 50% of overall operating expenses The Conference Board of Canada reports turnover costs of an unsatisfied employee leaving an organization to be 50% - 150% of the employee’s yearly salary One in three Canadian workers is seriously considering leaving their job Average workdays lost per full-time worker due to illness/ [...]

It’s about cost, not about price.2013-11-28T10:55:34-05:00

Are You Protected From Long Term Health Costs?


Most companies have stop loss insurance to protect themselves from catastrophic drug claims. Or they have implemented a drug formulary (Generic, Mandatory Generic, Therapeutic Substitution, Step Therapy Formularies, etc.) to ensure all lines of medication have been attempted before covering the cost of a high priced drug. But what have you implemented within your corporate [...]

Are You Protected From Long Term Health Costs?2013-02-21T14:35:30-05:00



What are Biosimilars? As most know, biologics are a medical product whose active drug substance is made by a living organism or derived from a living organism by means of recombinant DNA or controlled gene expression methods.[1]   Biologic drugs have revolutionized the treatment of many diseases including cancer, AIDS and rheumatoid arthritis. Biosimilars are a [...]


De-mystifying Administrative Services Only (ASO)


Traditionally, benefits in an employee group plan are fully insured. This means that the insurer sets the required premium levels, based on their assessment of the risk and the employer pays the premium. At the end of the policy year, the rates are renewed based on claims experience. Other factors such as the Incurred but [...]

De-mystifying Administrative Services Only (ASO)2013-01-31T09:22:27-05:00

Top 5 Employee Benefits Tips for CFOs


There was a time as benefits consultants where we mostly dealt with management from the Human Resources area of a company. This has changed. We are now often seeing CFOs at the table. Benefits costs are becoming a bigger slice of the pie, bigger line item in the budget, part of the strategic discussions of [...]

Top 5 Employee Benefits Tips for CFOs2013-01-29T09:09:27-05:00

Top 5 Employee Benefits Tips for Employees


              After 15 years of experience, I would say my top 5 tips for employees of benefit plans are: Always, and I mean always, make and keep a copy of the completed claim form and attached receipts before sending to an insurance company for payment. When calling an insurance [...]

Top 5 Employee Benefits Tips for Employees2012-11-12T13:04:34-05:00
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