• Employee salaries and benefits total approximately 50% of overall operating expenses
  • The Conference Board of Canada reports turnover costs of an unsatisfied employee leaving an organization to be 50% – 150% of the employee’s yearly salary
  • One in three Canadian workers is seriously considering leaving their job
  • Average workdays lost per full-time worker due to illness/ disability stands at 7.4 in 2010, approximately 3% of overall salary
  • Studies of some chronic conditions and health risk factors found that lost productivity from presenteeism was 7.5 times greater than productivity loss from absenteeism
  • A healthier and productive workforce is less prone to claims leading to greater engagement and higher profitability.
  • Employees who are thriving in their overall wellbeing have 41% lower health-related costs and 62% lower overall costs.

Insurance brokers sell based on premium which is a simple formula that equates to your loss costs plus expense costs.  A JONES DesLauriers Blevins consultant goes beyond insurance and helps create cost containment solutions and proactive activities that lead to long term improved profits, productivity and competitiveness of your organization.

We have sophisticated analytics to determine your premium costs as well as your yearly trend costs. Unlike many other brokers who present the quotes from the insurance companies, we calculate suggested costs and negotiate your rates with the insurance carriers. Insurance placement is only ¼ of the value a consultant should bring you.

At JONES DesLauriers Blevins our goal is to redefine your view of price for insurance. We believe the focus should be on choosing the consultant first based on what Return on Human Capital (ROHC) they can provide. What overall solutions do they have that meet your priorities and have a financial and cultural impact on your organization? The results should be metric based to demonstrate how your ROHC will increase. Insurance is only one way to mitigate risk, we look at several ways you can minimize your total cost of risk.

ROHC becomes a quantifiable formula and a benchmarking tool to clients. You will be able to take this presentation to the boardroom and show the impact on the overall organization. You will not only be able to show how you have an excellent benefit consultant who provides superior services and funding of your program but a business partner who brings solutions that impact your Return on Human Capital.