In an effort to support our local community, this year JONES DesLauriers Blevins donated a portion of the funds donated by staff each week to “dress down” on Fridays to Buddy Bench. A member of our team with young children suggested the charity with the below reasoning, how could we not support this great local initiative!

“The idea of a buddy bench really hits home for me as I have two young boys in school.  The basic idea behind the buddy bench is simple – a small wooden bench is placed in the school yard and if a child sees another sitting by themselves on the bench, they can invite that child to play with them.  I know for me, one of my biggest worries when I sent my boys off for their first day of school was will they make friends? Will they be alone? Just knowing that the buddy bench is in my boys’ school helps lessen my worries.  I remember the day my oldest son William came home from school excited to tell us about the new bench at school.  He was 6 at the time and really understood what it all meant!

I love the idea that the elementary schools and high schools are partnering on this project.  The construction classes in high school work to make a plan and build the benches from scratch!  Then, they are delivered to the public schools where they can decorate however they choose!”

For more information on the buddy bench project please visit: