JDB Group and Schuster Boyd McDonald acquire Sudbury-based Canadian Injury Management Services

Client strategy sessions over the past 18-months have exposed a gap in the delivery of a fair and consistent solution for disability and absence management. With the increase in disability related cases in these complex times, increasing concerns over mental health wellbeing, and the corresponding escalation of costs, it all pointed to the need for a seamless solution and these additional services being made available to you!

Located in the North, Canadian Injury Management Services (CIMS) has been in operation since 2002. CIMS has built a wide range of services that assist businesses in delivering best practices in disability management, navigating with expertise the legislative requirements, and removing bottlenecks in policy and process that can create hurdles to success. The end goal is to ensure maximum recoveries, assist in successful and speedy return to work, while mitigating human resource issues and costly legal battles.  Battles that hamper relationships with your valued employee.

This team of professionals will continue to be led by Senior Advisor Sandra Haddad. Sandra and the team have extensive disability management experience leading corporate client programs across Canada.  Sandra keeps her finger on the pulse of change as she has been Chair of many government organizations and presently sits as the Chair of Workplace Safety North, helping to guide safety services for mining and forestry sector industry. CIMS has Certified Disability Management Professions, Paralegals, Human Resource specialists, and kinesiologists to guide you in every question.

The JDB Group, led by industry veteran Robert Jones, is one of Canada’s largest independent providers of consulting services, group benefits, retirement plans, and disability management services. The Group of companies now have community-based offices in Toronto, Barrie, Sudbury, Dartmouth and Saint John.