Health & Wellness

Understand: Through the plan design review we completed with our client in the consulting industry we discovered their desire to grow their corporate culture as well as increase their profitability through lower benefit costs. We discovered a large portion of their employees were smokers. The Conference Board of Canada estimates the cost each year for every employee who smokes as up to $3,396 through increased absenteeism, decreased productivity and the costs associated with maintaining and cleaning outside smoking areas.

Innovate: Health and Wellness Program-Basic or C

  • Set health objectives with management
  • Implemented quarterly health challenges focused on weight loss, fitness, nutrition and smoking cessation
  • Provided the necessary tools and documentation for implementation
  • Created a rewards programs for those who quit smoking


  • Inspired culture
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved workforce engagement
  • Reduced number of employees who smoked by 10%

Return on human capital: The 10% reduction in employees who smoked saved the company $10,000 through reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and lower cleaning costs.